Hotel Geranio au Lac is the perfect departure place for all main excursions. If by public transports or walking, you will travel comfortable enjoying a great view. Our Team is at your entire disposal for any further request.

Mountain Bike

Breathtaking landscapes, a mild and temperate climate, itineraries that vary from flat trails to 20 % grade hills, 2,300 hours of sunshine a year. In this splendid setting you can plan rewarding sweating sessions on your inseparable partner: the bicycle! Thanks to our vast and diverse territory, you can easily bike along the Lake Maggiore shores and the riverbanks or you can climb up our region's valleys. Easy bikers, mountain bikers and professional cyclists will all find perfect conditions!

Falconeria Locarno

 Spectacular shows with birds of prey like eagles, hawks and owls.

Experience a close encounter with majestic birds of prey at the Falconry in Locarno, where you will be able to observe and photograph eagles, hawks, owls and vultures.

These beautiful birds, flying free, will lead you into a dimension where man and nature meet, in a natural and animal friendly place.

Lido Locarno

Lido Locarno presents itself as a true recreational, sports and well-being oasis focused on a water theme in the splendid scenario of Lake Maggiore. The new Lido Locarno is open throughout the year and in all weather conditions, with its numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools, from the Olympic size swimming pool to the thermal pool, from the play pool, with its water effects, to the 4 fantastic chutes and represents the most complete and modern bathing facility in Ticino.

Termali Salini & Spa

Termali Salini & Spa Locarno is divided into four sections: Saunas, Baths, Spa & Treatment and Gastronomy. The multi-tiered baths (all saltwater) have been set up as a bathing ritual, where guests progress from one stage to the next and can enjoy optional treatments. Immerse yourself in another world and let the pressures of everyday life slip away.


If you’re looking for the perfect holiday souvenir or genuine local products, just delve into the colourful market scene where you can find the object of your desires. While you discover unforgettable sights, you can indulge in our luxury shops, quirky retail outlets, shopping malls and ... much more!